About Us

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Meet Chrishana

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She started this business in 2007 in California where she was born and bred. In 2019 she opened her brick-and-mortar store in Kinston, NC where she currently resides. With a Fashion Design background from FIDM, Chrishana has made her mark by doing what she loves in fashion. She is well-rounded in teaching all of her customers how to style their newly picked out items based on their undertones, hair color, body type, and height. You will walk away feeling fabulous!

Meet Tracey

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Native of Austin TX, Tracey has 14 years of entrepreneurial experience in business and sales. She expanded her company from 40K to 100K in sales before retiring at the age of 47. With 2 Masters degrees behind her, Tracey brings a lot to the table! She merchandises a hip display of fun and fresh ideas for you to shop. Her warm greeting will make you want to shop for hours. Tracey will put together some amazing combinations that will enhance your wardrobe.

Who, What, Where, Why?!

Who: We are a women’s consignment clothing shop. We carry all the popular name brands and beautiful garment styles. If you are looking for Vintage, Formalwear, Sneakers, Skirts, Blouses, and everything in between we have it! 

What: What we do is cater to the needs of our clients and customers. If you are needing consultation for an important event or need clothes for vacation, we are here to help. Since we are a consignment shop you will find that one-of-a-kind item that no other store will carry this year.

Where: Our Brick & Mortar is located at
124 North Queen Street
Kinston, NC 28501

Why: We love what we do! It's all about making our customers & clients feel special and important. The owner is well-rounded in Fashion Color Theory and can explain what colors go best with your undertones. Learn about your body type and which clothing and shoes look best on you!

Oh yeah! And we give back !!! All items we don't keep in the store get donated to the SPCA and the Women's Shelter.                                                                                           

We also give back in other ways in addition. We have done speaking engagements that teach others how to "Dress For Success", we have given back to students by helping them with their lesson plan about fashion, and so much more.  Our business name means what it says: Chéri (Love) La Mode (Fashion)